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I Admit It, I Have a Self Harming Problem

The First step with all problems is realizing that you have a problem. I think that the reason that the butterfly project hasn’t worked for me is because I haven’t realized and actually admitted that I have a problem. So this is me admitting that I have a problem.

I’m not sure why I’m into self harm. I know that the ones that have read my blog know that I used to cut but before that I was anorexic. I guess that I traded one self harming thing for another. The sad part is that I don’t even know what started this roller coaster. I started self harm so long ago that compared to now I wonder what made me start to hurt myself. Some people say that It’s a way of exercising control. That is very possible, There were a lot of things out of control in my life at that time.

I encourage you to admit that you have a problem. Write it out, talk to some one but somehow some way admit that you have a problem. If you write it out please send it in so I can post it here. You can send it as anonymous, I don’t care I just want to know and I want other people to know that they aren’t alone.

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